wow i had my gallbladder out in 1992(lap)way and was never right since.it was same day surgery and the next day i was admitted into icu in critical and was given my last rights twice,but i was there 5 days and with the grace of god i made it.14 years later i am suffering a nightmare and torture almost eveyday of my life. stomache problems ,burning ripping sensations in my ribs,back pain,and i have a horrible throbbing pain in my LEFT side.most of the problems developed shorly after the surgery,but the ribs started 5 years ago and noone can figure it out.they did find out that i have sjrogens,but that couldnt possibly cause me such pain. i cry alot.my family has been worried so i try to cry alone so they wont see the pain.a few years ago a radiologist doing my xrays told me i have quite a bit of staples migrating ,but no doctor will touch it so i am tortured daily.so much more but i could probly wright forever.not sure if they still use staples,but maybe you all should look into it .good luck to you all and god bless