“I too have had Upper Right Quadrant pain and many of the symptoms described in these posts. I am at my wits end about this. I had my gall bladder removed March 99. An ERCP to remove some more stones Aug 99. I have had this most recent attack for 2 months….and there seems to be no end in sight. I am taking pain killers mostly at work so I can function there. I am doubled over most days. Extreme pain, the area is sensitive to touch. I also have migraines daily. I am convinced this goes with whatever is bothering me. I had No pain or migraines after March. They came back in July. Went away after the ERCP in August. They came back in November with this current attack. Other symptoms are nausea, extreme fatigue, pain increases when I get hungry, also is there after I eat…sometimes immediately sometimes not for a couple of hours.

This attack has been the worst so far. I went to a GI doc he says there isnt any GI problem and did a Rib series (all was fine) and sent me to a chest specialist. The chest specialist says why are u here this is a GI problem. Consults a Surgeon who also agrees. They get me into another GI doc for an ERCP or surgery or both. The new GI doc says why are u here. This is cronic rib pain because you are female. Grow up and deal with it and that I will have pain alot worse than this. I left his office in tears. I am going back to him Monday to see if I can convince him it is something with my GI tract. If not I really dont know what I will do next. I am down to 5 pain pills. I got 30 of them in August, and I use them very sparingly. Every doc I go to thinks I am addicted to them or could be. I dont use them unless the pain is exteme. Which is becoming more and more often. Any ideas….mostly just wanted to vent. Glad to know I am not alone in this now. “