I just had my gall bladder out 2 weeks ago. I had no pain at first then a week to the surgery I had the same exact pain I originally had. I have had lots of diarrhea and up until finding this website thought I should just watch my diet more. I have lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks because of nausea, vomitting, and diarrhea. Had they informed me of these side effects, I still would of had the surgery. I just would of been more prepared for the side effects. I am trying to attend college and am very angry right now to find out that the diarrhea may never end. I cannot attend if I have that problem. If your husband’s doctor thinks it should be done at least ask every question you can think of regardless of the way it may sound. I asked no questions before mine was taken out and now I really wish I had. I am unable to eat spicy, greasy, fried, too sweet, caffeinated, dairy, or fruit and vegetable foods. I am unsure what to eat right now but I pray it is more then bread and water. I wish you and your husband the best