“Hi, I haqd my gallbladder remover 10 years ago, in my late 30s. I was a fun loving single woman…fairly small, and like to drink socially. the loss of the gall bladder never bothered me food wise (well after the 1st month), but drinking did. I didn’t equate it to the gall balldr (or lack of) as the illness was sporatic. But it was DRASTIC. Only on the next day, after having 2 or more drinks…o sick, both ways..sometimes thought I should go to the hospital. But, stupidly, I would still imbibe..some…as it was not always a 1 to 1 correlation…drinking didn’t always make me sick. Well, now, in the last few years. On top of it, I took tamoxifen, for cancer..and I’ve read posts that also makes people unusually ill after drinking. Well, now I positively know, from readind these posts that is is the lack of my gall bladder.I justcan’t drink. Even 1 -2 drinks make me sick the next day (never that night) , VIOLENTLY sick…for 10-20 hours. So hopefully NOW, I will be SMART enough to just NOT drink! I am no alcoholic, but it is hard, when all the social functions and dinners have people DRINKING. and I guess I do have a problem, as I find them all boring unless I have a drink or 2. BUT NOW I KNOW…I just can’t drink.
I am glad I stumbled onto this site.”