I found this site by searching for the very same reason. I had my gallbladder removed in 2000 due to gallstones and infected gallbladder. I have had digestive problems for years. Confirmed IBS and living with Tums and Rolaids. Yesterday I had the scope and my throat is STILL killing me…but I got to watch. My esophagus is inflamed and damaged “burned” from the acid reflux and vomiting bile. But the shock was when I saw the inside of my stomach and heard him say it was “gallbladder bile”…I’m thinking …WHAT?!?!?! I don’t even have one….I have had inflamed stomach and pain for several weeks and I’m not sure how to help myself. I feel for your issue…I am thankful to have a kind and ‘listening’ dr. I was reading about bile stones in the liver…and wondered if the pain could be from that. I work in Taiwan so I am not sure how to “cleanse” my liver or if it would even help. I am a little “gunshy” since I drank apple juice to cleanse my gallbladder and went into the worse gallbladder attack of all time because the stones were too big to pass. It almost feels like I have muscle spasms in the section of my intestines on my right side… ever feel that kind of pain??? I just can’t get that picture of the inside of stomach out of my mind and I want that bile “jelly” out of me! Any suggestions or info that could help me make a decision???