I too have had very similar symptoms to yours – pain, vomiting, diarrhea & YES that dreaded terrible taste in my mouth! Sort of sour, bitter metallic – sometimes my tongue even burns. Anyway, I still have my gallbladder – all tests were negative. I have had extensive testing – and the only thing that is abnormal is my amylase & lipase (pancreatic enzymes) I have been suffering with this since November – close to 4 months. Doctors have no answers. One suspected SOD, but since ERCP is risky & he is not 100% sure – he does not want to do the procedure. Told me to wait it out or shop around for another pancreatologist in Boston who might agree to the procedure. I am miserable & have 0% quality of life. Currently on vegan diet (no fat/no animal products) for 3 weeks, but no difference. No caffine, no alcohol, too. What should I do? I believe I am developing chronic pancreatitis with all of this “watchful waiting”. Please let me know what your ERCP shows – please know that to accurately diagnose SOD you will need an ERCP with manometry ( that is the part that measures your ducts pressures) very critical – without that part of the test being done there is no way they can truly diagnose you with SOD – Also ask if they will do a sphincterectomy at the same time if pressures are high. That apparently, other than stenting, are the sole 2 treatments for this. If it will not be done at the same time – you may be looking at 2-3 more ercps in the near future. Be sure to ask questions… Good luck!