I had my gallbladder out laprascopically 12/19/08, since then ive been in the hospital twice with a small bowel obstruction caused by adhesions supposedly…i too havent been right since before my surgery. I have a lot of bloating after i eat and a constant sharp pain where one of the incisions are on my right side. It’s not anywhere near as bad as the attacks i used to get prior to surgery but it is annoying and does interfere with my life. I was on meds for about 2 1/2 months after surgery for naseau, thankfully that problem has stopped, but i still have bloating and pain. The only thing i have found that seems to help is eating smaller amounts, and i try to stay away from too much fat. It does seem to help. I’m hoping in time these problems will fade as the naseau did. It still for me was worth it, prior to surgery i couldnt eat anything without being doubled over in pain minutes after i ate.