“I had my gallbladder removed in Dec after having pain on my right side, back & side for over a year. I sometimes would get nauseous like a car sick feeling. Nothing really triggered it, it just came & went. My ultra sound showed no stones, but my hidascan showed my gallbladder was only contracting 6%. What a shock. Anyway, since my surgery Dec 17, 1999, I still have pain on my right side. Back & side,and now it radiates some into the front. I had a IVP to check my kidneys, which showed normal kidney function. My doctor told me it’s myalgia. Which is a fancy word for muscle pain. I doubt this seriously, but I decided to wait and take the muscle relaxers for a while to see what happens. I can’t beleive my pain is worse now, than before the surgery, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who has experienced this. It’s very frusterating. I can’t sleep because of the pain, and of course, now, the muscle relaxers should help with that too, but so far, there’s no relief. I guess I’ll give it a while and see what happens. I feel like I’m at a loss.
I’m glad I found this sight, since there’s no one to talk to, who understands my pain, and hopeless feelings. “

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