“I had laparoscopic gall bladder surgery 2 years ago and 2 weeks afterwards, I bent forward sharply to shave my leg which was propped on the counter, and felt a “”ripping”” sort of pain.
I developed a lump on the right side and started coughing like crazy.
The pain never went away and only got worse.
Had 2 exploratory surgeries that made things even worse.
Now I have a diagnosis:
It is either Cecal Bascule (cecum flips up on itself) or Cecal Volvulus (cecum and right intestine twised).
It took me 2 long years of pain to finally be directed to a Colo-Rectal Surgeon.
If one is prone to a MOBILE CECUM, abdominal surgeries can cause these nightmarish conditions.

My advice – see a Colo-rectal Surgeon ASAP to rule out these possible problems. They will not go away with time or drugs – only specialized surgery will help.

NO ONE and NO WEBSITE ever mentions this problem – you must know what it is, before you can find out more about it, and it’s more common than anyone realizes.

I now have some hope I might get my life back and can stop thinking of suicide.

Good Luck.”