😥 I had my gallbladder removed on may 19, 2006. The surgery went great and I came home feeling great. Well, about 4 days after the surgery I had a nausea that came over me and made it to the point where I couldn’t eat at all. I had no fever, but couldn’t even make myself eat. I figured ok it’s just my body getting use to this. I ended up in the er twice from the nausea. I lost weight down to 97, but my normal is only 105-110. So, the hospital put me on zofran the second time I went in which seemed to do the trick. The following day I was eating a liquid diet (which was more than I could do before), and with each day to follow things seemed to get better. Well, on june 29, 2006 the nausea hit me again. The very same way it did before. I couldn’t eat, but I was still able to get liquid down. So, I went to my doctor and he said that I needed to take the zofran again. So, here I am and can’t get rid of this nausea, and I am at a loss and getting very depressed. I just don’t even know what to do anymore. Has this happened to anyone else?