“Hi. I am crying as I write this, partly because I know this isn’t over yet & partly because I have finally found a site with people going through the same thing I have been dealing with for years! In 2001 I had gall Bladder surgery as I had swelling & severe pain.

Well, as many of you have said…it didn’t go away! I also have had many tests since then, including being admitted to the hospital with this pain. They did Ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, blood work, urine, endoscopy and colonoscopy. I do have GERD and take Prilosec for that. but GERD was diagnosed many years ago. My son has Crohnes & Mom has Ulcerative colitis. So I thought it may be related to that. But all the tests keep coming back normal (I did have a little blood in my urine is all). I also had one ovary removed 3 yrs. ago and they found I do have IC (Interstitial Cystitis) So, they thought I had IBS which can be related to IC…. Well, the IBS diet did not work at all. Still have pain & swelling with NO answers yet!

I do have a theory from my experiences….. Since I don’t have a gallbladder… could all the fat my GB used to process, be causing some or most of this pain? They were also thinking Abdominal Adhesions but tests didn’t show it. Unlike some of you I am GAINING not losing weight! I ALWAYS feel bloated & full & am constipated (only go 1x per week) Even if I “”Diet”” it doesn’t matter. Still swollen & in pain. It feels like my liver or pancreas is burning (especially when I sit or lay on my right side) It also feels like pressure & is right under my ribs on the URQ. I look 9 months pg! They even did a pg test even though I’m in menopause.

I will follow up on some of your leads & sites you mentioned also. We need to stick together on this! Like many of you, my family’s getting sick of hearing it and I am getting so sick of laying around in my Jammies with so much pain & swelling! I am so tired of trying to explain to people who don’t understand! Thanks so much for all of your input & for being here! It’s so great to know I’m not alone on this!