I had my gall bladder removed at just 13 years of age due to two small stones which caused me great pain, three years have gone by and I am now 16 and I am living in hell! I was told by my doctor that removing the gall bladder would take away all my pains so went ahead with the op but instead I have just been given slightly less pain and frequent bowel movements. Every time I eat something slightly fattening, I have to dart to the loo within a matter of minutes, I am not able to eat dairy products or take aways unless I have taken a sachet containing cholestyramine and sometimes that don’t even work. My school life has suffered a lot, I not only still get stomach pains and frequent bowel movent (about 6 times a day) I am also suffering from back pain and low energy. I would advise anyone NOT to get their gall bladder removed unless it is the only option avaliable. I am 16 yet am unable to enjoy my life as I always worry about going to the loo or constant pain, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone! :$”