my life is just ruined with diarrhea (post cholecystectomy syndrome). I take questran which helps but sometimes constipates yo-yoing back and forth. My lifes joys are gone. I loved exploring and going somewhere interesting on spur of the moment and traveling. I live in constant fear of humiliating myself although in 3 years I have had only 3 embarrassments, every day, and all other times racing at top speed and weeping to wherever i acn find a bathroom. My life is ruined and measured by the proximity of bathrooms. Forget festivals, ocean walks, city streets with no bathroom in sight for more than a block or so. I am so depressed I have to keep thinking of those who are suffering more than I am to keep from ending my life. I am educated, a Ph.D., and feel like a fool for having this surgery. I was very ill, high fever, incredible pain, etc. and let my excellent hospital (NGH) remove my gall bladder, not being told of any other choice but death. I am trying to find a way to continue to have a reason to get up in the morning since my personal way of life is destroyed. Now I have discovered that a statistically higher number of people who develop cancer are those who have had their gall bladder removed and now haave post cholecystectomy syndrome. My physician is excellent and the surgery went well. A year passed before I developed this condition which will last until my death. Shame on me for being so sad when others are suffering much worse health problems. I gained 30 pounds also which is not contributing to my happiness. Many others have had this happen. I envy Mandela who had his stones removed instead of taking the whole gall bladder out. Good luck to you and all of us who are so sad now.