Dear friends, I’m now 16 months post op and my stomach problems have slowly gotten worse to the point where I cannot eat or drink anything without severe nausea and pain. I even feel sick with an empty stomach. Had a liver biopsy which showed a resolved liver injury but nothing critical even though that’s where much of my pain is. My bilirubin and liver enzymes are both elevated but they say not high enough to be serious.
I’m supposed to see a pancreatic doctor in a month but I am wasting away fast. The liver doctor put me on Creon which is prescription pancreatic enzymes but they just make my stomach feel like its pushing up into my lungs and causes my heart to feel strange and short of breath.
I feel like I have been punched in the liver and stomach. Fearing for my life and I fear hospitals now because I have been there too many times with no relief. I usually leave a hospital in worse shape than when I went in. Does anybody else have these type of symptoms? Also, yellow stool with undigested fats. Not good