kezza4878: I still have not found a cure for my nerve damage. there are sub-costal nerves that lie along the rib cage near the top incision site so do not believe what the surgeon has told you. My nerve has either been cut or damage. they do not know. they will not operate in fear it will get worse. since i last posted i have seen a pain specialist who injected this top port site area with a steroid. this has given a lot of relief but i can not perform any duties still or lift any heavy items as it exaberates the pain tremedously. I still have been unable to return to work. it has now been 5 months from surgery with no signs of improvement. Take away the inj and pain killers the pain is just as severe as the day after surgery. I have since been told a nerve pulse stimulator may help but i would rather less invasive surgery if possible. if any one has found a cure for this nerve damage from the top port site please please please post a comment here asap.