I had my Gall bladder removed in 12/08 and a couple of months later when I tried eating some ground flax seeds I ended up in the ER with really high liver enzymes. So I stopped eating fats until I had my sphincter of oddi cut in 6/09.
After having my sphincter cut I continued to have the sphincter pressure and pains in the upper abdomen and I told my stupid doctor’s this!
What I found was when the bacterial and yeast overgrowth was bad in the intestines the sphincter would spasm especially when eating something that required bile.
My doctor’s never repeated the Breath Hydrogen test to see if I had a severe bacterial overgrowth plus they didn’t know how to check for a fungal/yeast overgrowth either in the gut. They aren’t trained to check or believe that yeast overgrowth exists but it does. Believe me as I have yeast coming out my anus, ears, mouth and eyes. They ruined my life!
Only the I.M. doctor’s understand this and if you continue using mainstream medicine you will become sicker and sicker….I guarantee you of this. Mainstream medicine are good at removing things but as far as looking at the whole picture and body they fail at this….and they get paid to treat patient’s this way.
Seriously, we need Integrative Medicine as our primary doctor’s and mainstream medicine as an adjunct! They are good for emergencies, small things, imaging studies and surgeries. These are my strong feelings from what I have dealt with in my life.
If I were you all I would be consulting with an I.M Gastroenterologist about my situation and getting another opinion before having the gall bladder removed or sphincter of oddi cut. The problem could just be an overgrowth of yeast and/or bacteria in the intestinal flora causing poor painful digestion.
I am curious what your symptoms are for GP because maybe they’re what I am feeling all the time. I get terrible bloating and gas. This is because there’s an overgrowth of yeast in the small intestines. If you’re nauseous too this is an overgrowth of yeast. Bacteria will follow yeast when there’s a yeast overgrowth. Have any of you had a Breath Hydrogen test where you drink Lactulose? The lactulose is sugar basically and will make the yeast grow. What do you think happens when you add sugar to yeast? It will expand! Right! So if you’re eating anything with sugar, fructose, etc. you will be miserable. You need to be on a Candida diet, one without carbs like pastas, high glycemic numbers. Meat and vegetables and eggs. No breads, grains,etc.
Hope this helps!