Do you know that Diabetes is an autoimmune disease? It’s caused by a leaky permeable gut lining. Seriously!
When your gall bladder doesn’t work properly you don’t digest your food properly…if it’s loaded with stones it can’t work properly secreting bile into the common bile duct ending up in the upper part of the small intestine to help break down your food.

Think about it and educate yourselves please as your western medicine doctor’s just want the money to remove your gall bladder, then when it’s removed what then to they do for you?

If you need the gall bladder out most definitely have it removed if it’s non functioning, or diseased. If it’s still functioning then leave it in. Once it’s removed you can’t go back and you will most definitely need the help from an Integrative Medicine doctor and Registered Holistic Dietician to help you to digest your food better.

Having an overgrowth of yeasts and bacteria in the gut lining is damaging to the intestinal lining and will set you up for a leaky gut thus causing autoimmune diseases. Diabetes, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, MS, GP etc. This is mentioned in the Gut Solutions book mentioned above in my prior message.

GP is a result of poor digestion of food is what I have been told and is an autoimmune related disease.

Do your own research and you will discover the links between GP and the immune system.