People please remember that sphincter of oddi usually is related to an imbalance of your gut flora. The normal yeasts get out of balance and so you also get a bacterial overgrowth. This overgrowth of yeasts and bacteria cause the sphincter to spasm. If you can get your gut flora in balance then the sphincter issue will go away.

Why do you think God created us with a Gall bladder? Because it’s a necessary organ to have unless it’s found on a HIDA scan that the Gall bladder is non functioning or not functioning well. When the Gall bladder isn’t working well what do you think happens when digesting your food. It doesn’t get digested well and so the imbalance in the gut flora.

You will need an Integrative Medicine Gastroenterologist or regular Integrative medicine doctor to help you with getting the gut flora in balance. Main stream medicine can not! They just know how to kill off the bad bacteria and not the yeast overgrowth. It’s kind of tricky to do and that’s where you’d need someone like the I.M. doctor.

There’s a doctor Gerard Mullin at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland that is an I.M. Gastroenterologist and there’s one in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Farshid Sam Rahbar. Dr. Rahbar does SYKPE consults if you’re unable to travel. He has helped me tremendously where regular Gastroenterologists can’t!

I Now have a damaged intestinal lining from having the dead gall bladder in my body for 3 years so I have a leaky, permeable gut lining. This sets a person up for autoimmune issues now.

Dr. Mullin has a number of books out that you can purchase from Amazon on Gastroenterology and there’s another book by Brenda Watson called Gut Solutions.

My doctor believes that GP is caused from a leaky permeable gut lining. Basically an autoimmune related issue.

I hope this information helps you all!