“The shoulder pain is from the anesthesia. It will pass! I had my surgery on 3/3/09 and the only answer I can give anyone is: CUT OUT THE FAT! I fortunately haven’t had any diarrhea but my symptoms had been ongoing for so long, I actually changed my diet about one month before the surgery so my body has adjusted to eating non-fat! About 3 days after my surgery I had tons of GAS which is common after this or any belly-button surgery. Get a bottle of Maximum strength Maalox (I like the Berry flavored) this will immediately give you relief from the gas. I also sent my boyfriend out to buy a chili dog for me. After eating half of it (it was really gross cause like I said, I haven’t eaten like that for awhile) the gas ripped. LOL! I really felt better. I was up and out of the house 4 days after my surgery shopping. My belly button is still tender but I feel really good and I’ve lost 10 lbs in about one month.

Eat whole grains, fruits, lots of vegetables and drink plenty of water. The doctors tell you that you can resume your regular diet – YOU CAN’T – unless of course you want to feel miserable. The other day I wanted to test the fat theory so I bought a pork taco. I vomited and was nauseated all night long. It’s just not worth it so I’m exercising and sticking to a healthy meal. If I had eaten this way all along I would have never had my GB out! Life lessons– hmmmmmm! ”