“I had a laproscopic op to remove my Gall Bladder on Sept 1st 2007. Prior to being admitted as an emergency I was not aware that I had gall stones. Apparently I had an acute gall bladder problem. I was an in patient for a week which I have found out from other post op friends is unusual most have been sent home the same day as their op. They did say my liver counts were high if that had anything to do with my prolonged stay.

I was in good health prior to collapsing with the pain and was more than happy that I did not have to have the open surgery. I thought that I would be back to myself within a week or two. This could not be farther from the truth. The reality is I have been so ill since the surgery, I have not had a pain free day since the op. I have lost a lot of weight and I cannot tolerate a lot of things because they either give me more pain or make me feel nauseous. I have also found that I am hypersensitive to smells.

I have constant pain at the bottom of my right rib cage area which goes through to my back and then goes up under my shoulder blade. I have been given various pain relief management remedies which can either make me unable to function or not worth the prescription charge. At the moment I feel totally miserable cant even laugh without it hurting me. The worst thing being no-one seems to have any answers as to when I am going to get better. I am not some sort of attention seeker I just want my life back! I would like to have answers to why this pain is there because it is dragging me down. I have now been referred back to the consultant that operated, but I can’t see what good that is going to do.