After attempting to control gall bladder attacks with diet, acupuncture and homeopathics, I finally caved (severe attacks 3 x a week…) and had it removed. Thankfully, they were able to do it laproscopically. I felt wonderful the day after (all things considered)–and was improving until about a week out. I was in such pain I could not move. The surgeon’s nurse was a royal id**t and all she kept telling me was it was the gas they used during surgery. I could not get her to understand that it was a week out and it was NOT the gas! She wanted me to drive 1 hr. to be seen, typical wait time 2-3 hrs., 1 hr. home. At that point, making it to the local er wasn’t even a plesant thought. I just took everything I had, curled up with heating pad, cried and prayed to pass out! Fast forward to Monday and I see the PA–turns out–there is a nerve that can get irritated when they move things to get to the gall bladder-THAT was the reason for the severe pain. Higher pain meds-nerve settled down. Also ended up with Pepcid to put the fire out that was burning. Then he proceeded to RIP the bandage off one of the incisions. I almost decked him! I did scream and the nurse came running! He apologized but then thought he was going to rip off the other three! I put a stop to that pronto! Fast forward 5 months post surgery and I am having stomach upset and nausea…and I never know if something is going to cause upset/mad dash to bathroom or not. With my other symptoms, I am wondering if a clamp has let go? One PA I saw and trust is telling me ulcer…I am under a good bit of stress–but Nexium not helping… I hate doctors-they “practice” as my late husband said and most don’t listen!!! They told me this (gall bladder surgery) would solve all my problems-yeah, right!