This is my first visit to this site. This reply is to Shelly. Your friend is correct. I had gall bladder surgery May 1997. I had excruciating pain immediately after surgery on the right side when I tried to stand up and actually screamed. They said it was gas because I had a broken bed and had laid wrong until I could get up! It felt worse than labor pains! I complained six months after surgery that I still hurt but was told that it was probably adhesions. In November of 1998, I experienced bad pains on my left side from the back to the front and have had periodic reoccurrences since then. I have revisited the specialist who removed my gallbladder with laproscopic surgery. He is considered an expert in his field in this area. He said there may still be gall stones left behind after the surgery or a clamp may have come loose. He explained further and said he didn’t really want to “go back in” unless the pain got too bad and I asked him to. The most current episode (mild) was last week. Today I visited a new general physician who is going to run tests to see if I have a kidney stone. I suggest you visit your physician or the specialist who performed the surgery. I really believe this is more than a pulled muscle and am hoping to find a solution. Good luck!