“Unfortunately I am in that number of patients that still have digestion problems. My gallbladder was removed 2 years ago. I also had reconstruction of my common bile duct. I can say, however, that the pain and symptoms I experience now are nothing like the gallbladder attacks I had before my gallbladder was removed.

Although you are still experiencing pain, you are probably slowly improving from the results of the surgery. It does take awhile…my surgeon indicated a good 6 months, although you are able to perform the activities of your daily living. My primary care physician’s nurse told me that there are some patients that have no more pain and can eat any foods without distress and others can not. I can not.

I do believe I had and still have other underlying digestive problems in addition to the gallbladder.

I hope some of this helps. I will say, if you are having pains that last more than a few days to contact your surgeon. Also keep a food diary, for your peace of mind, to see just what foods you can and can not tolerate.

Good luck with your recovery!”