gosh how much more are millions going to have to suffer with this, 3 mos ago I was a healthy 34 female worked out at the gym, worked , have a 5 year old very active in her school, worked in my garden alot then I started to get nausea every meal then losing weight then started to feel sickly so my family doc said oh you have a virus it will pass, 2 mos later with the same nausea feeling i went to the doc they did a ultrasound and said oh tell you the test results in a few weeks WHAT!!! they put me on aciphex at that time the next day mom rushed me to the emergency room and 8 hours later my gall bladder came out with guarantee from the doc oh it will be better youll be back to normal, a day later came home started eating felt great better then ever 2 weeks later exactly the symptoms came back nausea every meal so i said well as a nurse i did some research on aciphex it was causing some of the symptoms i started having so stopped taking that, 2nd day is today no aciphex made a appt and saw the gastro’s nurse the doc was nto available they put me on zofran for the times I really need it.. hello that would be all the time, doing a upper gi in 6 weeks being i just had surgery i have no pain no bloating just nausea every meal and when i wake up and when I go t sleep which now I have to take tylenol pm every night to go to sleep or else I cant, this has totally ruined my life I have tried to be strong through this but it seems that crying about the pain is my only release i am not in position to go to the gym with how I feel i can ride my bike and take short walks but the nausea has changed my entire life to be non existent no sex life i cant feel good enough to even think about it, i use to go out and play with my daughter and work in my garden that has stopped I sit on the swing and watch her play, i know its only been 3 weeks now since Ihad the surgery but my nausea should be gone i should not be feeling the symptoms of this my family says oh its all in your head..!!! im like yea I want to be like this