I had my gallbladder removed 11 years ago and have had no problems until the last few months, other than the oh so common diarrhea problem. However now I am having the worse time (it comes and goes) with indigestion. What I am experiencing is the lump, feels like its in the middle of my chest and sometimes my throat as it goes down…sometimes it radiates to my back as the pain did before I got my gallbladder ripped out….other times it doesnt. When it acts up It hurts to even swallow saliva ..it feels like I am trying to pass a huge jawbreaker or something and it hurts to no end right in the middle of my chest!!! Sometimes I have to spit out my own saliva because I dont want to swallow!!! I dont know what to think??? I am inclined to think it is bile related too but who knows!!! I usually eat very healthy overall, never really paid too much attention to following a low fat diet because it has never been a problem….apparently it sneaks up on you and I have overdone it somewhere!