“Hi, I had my gb removed in 2008. I never needed help with going to the bathroom and after removal definitely worse. Went to stomach specialist after my Dr prescribed cholestyramine just to make sure there were no problems. The specialist took 24 vials of blood and ran every test in the world. Everything was good but did say will probably use cholestyramine for rest of my life. He was not surprised. Also find acid is worse for me than fat to cause an attack. Feels like a gall bladder attack. Also found if I am empty or too dehydrated I will get an “”attack”” and I found dairy (milk or yogurt) helps until I get something to eat. Water may help for 15-20 minutes but a glass of milk can hold it off for a good hour. I just figured out the milk thing last week. Sigh.

Glad to hear the lack of energy is part of this as well as the inability to lose weight. I was getting really worried because my dr seems to think it is just diet and lack of exercise. My thyroid went hypo the same year so was not sure if that was it. Had my thyroid meds increased and that helped for a while but I noticed the tiredness is getting worse. Diets dont seem to help at all. Tried Weight Watchers but they really encourage fruits and vegetables and that causes its own problems. I was taking cholestyramine 2 times a day but am able to take it one time a day now. Found out for my it is better to take just before going to bed so it lasts through the night (used to wake up to the pain and would take a while for it to calm down).

Not sure if this helps anyone but good luck to us all.”