hi there all. i had gallbladder removed july 2006, it went well and i recovered quickly. i would say about 4 months later i started to have pain again in the back area and some in front right quadrant too. nothing bad. 1or 2 on a 1-10 scale. the doc told me it could be a number of things , got a liver test and that was ok., she thought it might be a stone that formed after the surgery, but once i started eating right, being really careful about my choices food and drink , the pain went away – completely. its been about 2 months now and the pain came back that other day. same as before.. but i have been eating poorly again, making bad decisions etc.. greasy fatty stuff… so i feel i brought this on my self.. i was doing really well being careful etc and when i let my guard down and reverted back to my bad eating it came back. the liver produces tons of bile and i think that causes the nausea and also is needed more for really fatty foods. when i stick to healthy foods, veggies , fruit, subway sandwiches,etc… im fine. I still may go in to dr to see what she thinks and who knows may have some tests just to rule out anything serious. but please eat healthy. i know its a small thing in a world where we rely on drugs to cure everything, but it works. your system will start to recover and you will feel so much better, there is also natural things you can take, papaya ive heard is excellent. take care of yourselves . john