I had my gallbladder removed three weeks after giving birth to my daughter. They said it would feel so much better to have it out….ya right! I ended up with the worst pain you could ever imagine. I couldn’t breathe or walk. They sent me home after 2 days in the hospital even though my urine was dark amber in color and I had not passed gas. They told me all my pain was gas. The same night I went home I ended up coming to the ER and they discovered I had a bile leak. They took me into surgery and put in a drain. I was shipped out to a bigger hospital the next day where they fixed the leak and found 3 stones that were suck in the common bile duct. They put in a stint that had to be removed a month later. This was turly a horrible expirence and what was supposed to be one simple surgery turned into 4! The worst part about it was missing all that time with my new baby girl 🙁