“I had my lap chole in July. I’ve been getting achy and sometimes sharp pains around my right shoulder and thought this was just to do with the op.
Before the op I used to love wearing a strapless bra, but post-op it kills. In fact, any bra kills especially when I’ve been walking around all day or doing things. I’ve been to my GP who’s ordered an x-ray but that came back clear, I’m getting minor pains in my side as well on gallbladder site but I think this is mainly sue to eating stodgy, fatty foods and is only minor so I can live with it.
My surgery went fine, it was the post op care that I didn’t like. They didn’t take all the stitches out- they left the nylon ones in there and it was only when I got an infection in my belly button site (which the RMO denied over the phone it was even possible) and I went back when it became too sore to live with that they noticed.
By this time the damage was done and the skin had grown over most of them, they were only able to remove some of the stitches and it was bloody painful and has scarred me. This was a primary care trust instead of an NHS hospital and I dearly wish my local hospital could’ve been able to do it for me”