I had my gallbladder removed on July 9th and for several weeks was severly ill from cramping and terrible bilious diarea. I got so severly dehydrated and my incisons just couldnt heal etc. I am still experiening pain in my right side and under my belly button and need to go back to the surgeon BUT I did want to tell all of you having stomach issues that my surgeon sent me to a gastro and what they gave me helped alot! They gave me a medication to bind the bile since its seems my body wanst figuring out how to do it without my gallbladder and that was causing the diarea. i dont have to bottle with me ebcause i am nt taking it anymore but it was originally designed to bind cholesterol. Ask your dr about it! I took it in pill form, they are huge but coated so easy to swallow. Also, to help with the cramping I put levsin under my tongue. I was doing it before every meal but it make sme feel so out of it so now I just use it if I feel something starting. For every one person that had their gallbladder removed and can eat whatever they want and says they feel great I hear 3 people talk about stomach issues and and continued pain and that their surgeone act like they are hearing something unusal which is such bs. I am limiting my fat intake greatly and that also has been helping with the stomach issues. Now i Just need the pain to go away! Hope this helped someone. Asked your dr about those meds!