“I had my gallbladder removed end of April of 07. i have read what a few other people of mentioned and i have found this to work well for myself. every other morning when i get up i take a ZANTAC 75 u can purchase over the counter or w/ your DR. I still eat some fried foods , kept the butter on toast in the morning just a little thinner layer. switched to no sugar in jelly. you just have to sit down and write down all the foods that make you feel terrible. before i go to bed if i know i ate a lil to much spicy foods i will take another Zantac 75 before bed.. also on the market is Zantac 150 if your having really bad pain. You might want to keep a bottle of Maalox MAX handy just in case and for myself i might take 1 or 2 during the day if my stomach is a lil unsettled. i use the quick dissolve tablets.

You also mentioned the lump in your throat I had that to even went into the ear nose and throat Dr. needless to say ater getting that nice sc ope thru my nose and down my throat everything looked good cept my esophagus, he mentioned it was a lil red in places he said either cut out chocolate,,, milk sugary food which are my favs. so sugar free gum,,, in otherwords i just hit the sugar free isle now at walmart, walgreens and I am lucky enough to be able to shop on post and AAFES PX/BX has a good selection of sugar free candys. even ice cream. hope this was helpful,

I am now almost at my yr after surgery and i have lost a lil weight and have alot more energy to move. ”