“To all you people who had your galblader out and are developing
Dumping Syndrome I HAVENT HAD MY galblader out and Iam having the same problems Ihave bad pains in my lower stomach and lower back pain in my shoulders And when I eat anything I have to go to the bath room even so much as A cup of coffe I cant walk more than five minutes I get pain My doctor is sending me for test Aug 31 SHE THINKS ITS MY GALBLADER And I have A cis In the lower part of my stomach or my insides are atached togeter AND she has to take them apart She says its because I HAD 4 C SECTIONS 5 KIDS iDONT NO WHAT TO THINK aLL i NO IS ITS VERY PAIN FUL AND I hate being blowded And I would like to no if theres any gain weight when the galblader is removed plese get back to me Thanks ”