“I’ve only been dealing with this for a few months after surgery and it’s already driving me crazy. Can’t imagine what it would feel like to have this ongoing for 2 years like you have had, without getting any answers. When I was nervous about having the surgery everyone kept telling me “”you don’t need your gallbladder anyway.”” My response was that it is clearly there for a reason. My worry was having chronic diarrhea after surgery which thankfully didn’t happen but now I just have a bunch of other problems that I didn’t have before.

Do you experience more symptoms in the morning or throughout the day? In the morning I usually feel pretty good some slight nausea and discomfort around the sternum area. Several hours after eating lunch is when I’m sometimes getting what I think is heartburn, pain and burning in the center of my chest. Once I felt it up in my throat and my breath felt hot. Like I said, I’ve never had any issue with heartburn/acid reflux until after the surgery. The tightness in the upper abdomen and right side seem to happen at random times. I eat a low fat diet and have been trying to avoid acidic foods. Actually this past week has been a little better than the previous month or so.

Gigi, hoping that maybe you’ll get answers soon. Keep me update on how you are doing.”