“Hi, I just had my gall bladder ( micro surgery) removed 2 weeks after I found out It was sick( stones) and I will say it was the best thing I have had done.I was told by my nurse to hold off on eating fat,greasey foods for 3 weeks when the doctor said 2 weeks. The nurse said it will cut down on having the runs to the bathroom better than 2 weeks and so far she was right. So far no runs. My surgery was done on Tues, morning and I was back home the some day.Very little to no pain, never used the pain meds,I was given ..Having this surgery has not changed my life any. Only take it easy for a few days.Three days after surgery I cleaned the carpet. Oh”” I for got to tell you I am 62 1/2
So if you are thinking about this surgery GO 4 IT .But first check with your regular doctor,have chest x rays,and blood work done ahead of time,and even a ekg. This saves your surgeon time and you money.