“Hi I had my gallbladder and one very large stone in the common bile duct removed in an emergency operation 3 weeks ago and spent 12 days in hospital. I had no episodes of nausea before or after the operation until I had the ‘t’ drainage tube (which had previously been clamped)removed in outpatients and now just have a feeling of nausea in my throat several times a day…is this the usual pattern? I found that I was given no dietary advice but was starving a couple of days after I came home and fancied fish, mashed potatoes and salad for nearly every meal for some obscure reason! I have been putting olive oil and lemon on the salad so am now trying to cut down on the olive oil to see if that helps the nausea.
I also find that when I wake up in the morning or during the night my stomach feels really sore and I still find it hard to take a really deep breath without getting ‘a twinge’ and it’s uncomfortable if I lay on my side. I have also experienced some ‘dumping’ though this is now improved from what it was before the operation when I couldnt eat salads or fruit at all without getting diarrohea. ”