I too have had all of the symptoms that you have all listed. GB removed in ’06 and still the pain never left. I too have fibromyalgia which was diagnosed after the GB surgery. The one thing that has really really helped me was the removal of ALL gluten from my diet. I tested negative for Celiac Disease but still on the borderline. I removed all gluten at the request of a homeopathic doctor and found tremendous relief after several weeks. More energy, no gut pain, just feeling a LOT healthier all around. I’ve been struggling for 20+ years with these symptoms and finally have found that the elimination of all wheat and gluten from my diet to be the most helpful. I hope that someone else reads this and also finds relief as I did. Nobody can imagine the pain and discomfort and a lack of wanting to eat because of the painful consequences until you actually go through it. I’ve been treated terribly by my GP, Surgeon and GI doctor. I highly suggest a homeopathic/natural doctor because they tend to look at the whole person and the whole picture before making any assumptions or decisions. Good luck to all of you who are currently suffering. It really CAN get better for you.