I have the exact same symptoms since having my gallbladder removed. It hurts whenever I eat. Even small amounts. Same spot I hurt when gallbladder was there. It will sometimes hurts to touch it, like the area is bruised or something. It feels sometimes like something is in there being pinched. My doctor referred to it as phantom pains. Other than having a ton of tests which never show anything but kills my bank account I can’t get any answers or relief. I have been living with this for years. When its at it worst only relief is to lay down flat and just not move for awhile. I wish I could find answers and relief. I did not realize so many people had same problems. Also have many digestive issues. After eating most of time it seems to go through fast many times within minutes of meal I have to have bowel movement and its usually loose. I am hoping reading this thread maybe I can find some answers or possible things that will help.