I had my gallbladder out 3 years ago.. I had digestive issues for about 7 years now – but I would have these really bad episodes that lasted 4 hours – always at night – that was my gallbladder – so 3 years ago I went to my dr (by default as my dr left the area so I used the other guy in her office) and told him of my concerns & I thought it might be my gallbladder – he told me no way it was my gallbladder as my complaints of pain were in the wrong area (pain started in bellybutton area and moved outward going up/down & to my sides) and it wasnt occuring after fried food (as I don’t eat it) but after sending me for a ct scan to rule it out – boom multiple gallstones. Then I had the radiation test done and found out my gall bladder was not functioning at all. So out it came and then worse digestion issues.. which doesn’t make sense as my gall bladder was not even working before I had it out. 3 years later and daily digestive issues my gyn is referring me to a gastro – I have taken daily probiotics & enzymes (but have a horrible time digesting pills so if I try to find a liquid – I did good with dr David Williams “pearl” probiotics) which help a little but lately I am getting more pains in my abdomen and more burning. I have found I can’t digest salads at all, chicken or pork – yet a steak causes me no problems (that is crazy to me). I am hoping the gastro can be of help but hearing that I just might get a ibs diagnosis is NOT what I want to hear nor what I think I am suffering from. I will post again if I find anything out. Foods I cannot eat or cannot eat a lot of : fresh veges, chicken, pork, spicey, fried, coffee, half/half or any creamers, anything with whole wheat, crotons, garlic bread,most items with soy ingredients – Things I digest better : mashed potatos, steak, shrimp (grilled), haddock(grilled or baked), tilapia(grilled,baked or pan seared), cooked veges (except carrots), green tea, white bread, italian bread, bagels (cin & raisin), I can have 1 cup of coffee everyother day, so I drink Green tea w/peach (caffinated) everyday – usually 2 cups & then everyother day I treat myself to yummy cup of really good coffee with a dash of 1/2&1/2. My body seems ok with that. I am on a quest to find as many vitamins as possible that come in liquids as pills are incredibly painful to take for me. I do eat chicken – but I plan ahead to be home that evening & the whole next day. AND everything we eat is organic, free range chickens, no antibiotic, no hormones, grass fed beef, organic fruits/veges, I do most of the baking of cookies, waffles, pancakes, and make a lot of my own bread in my bread machine. NO HighFructose Corn Syrup, no corn syrup, no food colorings or artifical sweetners – only real organic raw sugar or honey. And I keep gaining weight – no matter how I try to cut back & increase my activity level – makes no sense to me!