“Hi – I am afraid I have bad news. I had my gall bladder out in 2002. I have been in constant pain since. I read an article that said up to %40 of all people who have their gall bladder removed have continuing pain. I am still looking to find any research on this. The pain is under the right ribs, some in my shoulders like described by others. One year the pain was so bad that I could not eat. I lived on fruit and vegetable juice. I lost 70lbs in one year. I have constant nausea. I hope that this turns out better for you – please avoid if you can a test called and ERCP. I ended up getting pancreatitis after this test (one of those “”rare”” occurances). Everytime I tell them I have pain under my ribs and tendness on the ribs I lose the doctors – I have been told that ribs don’t hurt, that maybe I had a broken rib, or that I should get breast reduction surgery. One ER doctor told me that if I went back to work that would solve my problem.

Thankfully the diarrhea is better. I take a medication called desipramine which has made all the difference for the diarrhea. It didn’t help the pain, but no more living on the toilet! I hope that you will find relief soon. I hope this will not be a continuing problem for you. Don’t let them tell you its stress or in your head. There are many many of us with the same problem and we are not all crazy.”