“I had my GB removed in december 2010. ive had slightly odd symptoms as everyone else here and its been progressing since. it wasnt until about a month afterward i started feeling odd.

I would get uncontrollable jittery feeling on my insides that lasted anywhere from 20 minutes to an entire day. it was all over my abdomen. it didnt interfere in much, but if it was bad, it would wake me up. my doc attributed it to post gall surgery and the weirdness some people go through after having an organ removed. he said to let it go and deal with it for a couple of months and see if it subsides, and well sure enough, it did. it ended up associating itself to only when my bowels would change or hormonal changes at the end of a female cycle. this month, it was gone and it hasnt returned since. (thank goodness!) i think my doc was right on about that.

ive had ‘funkiness’ under my ribcage. not so much in my sternum, but if i push deep there i will feel pain, other than that, no pain right there. it feels almost like sandpaper some days – not painful, just a ‘there’ feeling. i would have some days where i would get a pain, and shortly later i would have diarrhea that would be yellowish but sometimes normal color.

2 weeks ago i started having quick ouch pains that would subside to a dull funky ache from the top of my ribcage (basically where i felt my gall bladder was before it was removed) down to the bottom on my side. it would come with slight indigestion and a little runny bowel. i recently pulled a muscle (im pretty sure thats what it was) in my right side of my back on top of my rib cage. it hurt for a few days but some alieve and heating pad, that went away. 7 days later it was back and i had the front rib pain with it. i dont know if it was associated with eachother, maybe just weird timing, but i mentioned it to my sister who had her gall removed years ago. she said to go to the doc and look into the possiblility of fatty liver disease because having your gall out can sometimes lead to that. maybe, i dont really buy that theory, but im going for the test anyway since its my around my rib cage that im having discomfort, so be it, i will deal with blood work and a ultrasound.

when she had hers removed, she hasnt had a normal bowel since. same with my brother. they run to the bathroom minutes after eating a meal, sometimes are constipated, both have told me that i will never have a normal bowel again, even if it appears to get normal, it will never be normal completely again.

i decided to do a 3 day liver flush. i would suggest this to anyone who is looking for a ‘cleansed’ feeling in their abdomen. so far so good, but i have been pooping yellow for 3 days! i havent had this since right before my GB surgery and for the 2 weeks following. hopefully it toxins flushing, i read to expect this nonetheless.

im one of the lucky ones who can alternate alieve and motrin to get rid of the discomfort without any side effects of taking them.

i do get these ‘pains’ associated with diet. i cant eat any green veggies, beans, fatty red meats, or anything greasy without causing discomfort.i may have developed a lactose intolerance due to this. i can manage to absorb the extra bile in my intestines by eating a baked potato like every other day. it helps stop up a bit of the runny poop and make the ‘spots’ feel better.

pre surgery i had an u/s and a ct scan and everything showed normal so im not thinking fatty liver, but you never know. i definitly feel clearer in my head and my stomach area since starting this cleanse. its worth a shot. it also got rid of that bloated feeling that some get associated with an ‘attack’.

i know i have to exercise more and get my belly down to a normal size and my weight down to not obese… i had 2 kids back to back so thats where my weight now came from but i was a yoyo dieter before. im doing nutrisystem, which has been killing me with the gas on top of post GB gas! i drink occasionally, once a week with the hubby, casual 5 beers on a saturday night without any adverse reactions, wine makes me constipated sometimes and runny others. its our thing, and i asked my doc if it would be ok, and he said its ok and it doesnt put me in the ‘drinker’ category that they would worry about liver problems being caused by it.

im trying milk thistle to help with aiding liver function too and that has seemed to help as well, well, thats at least until it comes back (hopefully it wont!)

we have to think here…. if you have elevated liver enzymes, which most of us probably will, our intestines absorbes all the good stuff and bad stuff, why wouldnt it absorb liver bile enzymes causing those levels to elevate as a result? hopefully now my bowels will go back to ‘normal’ for me after this cleanse and i will update after i speak to my doc about having the liver tests done!

again, sorry so long!!!!!!”