“Get tested for food allergies. It may not be the cause of your pain but you never know. I’m thankful an ER doc suggested I do that!
Long story, but I had my gallbladder out and was still having horrible stomach pains which felt like gallbladder attacks frequently. I also had stomach cramps more often than not.
I found out I have severe allergies to beef and pork and moderate to mild allergies to other foods. When I eat beef or pork I have horrific abdominal pain which feels exaclty like a gallbladder attack.
I had been suffering through that for the last 10 yrs…I cut out all beef and pork over the summer and I have not had a stomach pain, twinge, cramp…etc. since then unless I’ve inadvertently eaten it (cross contamination).
It is so freeing to not deal with the discomfort and pain. I feel like a new person.”