I have been “recovering” from my lap chol for 10 weeks now. My pain is similar to what everyone is saying the upper right abd and rib area. It limits me from doing anything including working as it is illegal for me to take narcotics at work. I have been working with my surgeon and we have decided to run yet more tests… This time looking for a developed “tumor like mass” that may have developed from a cut nerve ending. This is removable with another surgery. I cant answer whether this is the cause for sure or if the removal of the mass and cauterizing of the nerve ending means pain relief. I do know that my “easy 4-6 week recovery” has kept me from working for 10 weeks. In my experience if your doctor is unwilling to help you find and fix the problem then get another doctor! Some surgeons will try not to take on patients that have had surgery from another surgeon epically those who work together in the hospital setting. You must know that it is your RIGHT to change doctors and get medical treatment. No one should have to live with chronic pain post operatively, this is crazy! Everyone deserves to have their quality of life back (minus the fatty foods) after such a “simple” surgery. In the medical setting those who get things done are the ones who respectfully demand the problem be solved. Good luck to all.