“Well, I have almost hit the four month mark now since the surgery. I have actually had a few ‘good days’ since my last post, but more bad days then good, unfortunately.

I find if I eat something (without knowing what my reaction will be) and it doesn’t agree with me, it can put me down for 2-3 days and again I am totally worthless.

Back pain is still almost a daily thing here, loose stools are still there, and stomach pain is also around most of the time (like I am trying to digest acid). My Liver still has days it swells and is very irritating (even though all tests show there isn’t a problem, yea right?) Although the heart burn has subsided almost completely now. I am closely watching everything that I eat, and totally stay away from any ‘trigger’ foods that I know will start this painful recoarse all over again.

This has probably been the worst 5 months I have ever experienced in my entire life.

Thankfully, those few good days are keeping me hopefully that I will be able to get through this at some point and continue on with a semi-normal lifestyle.

I still continue to hear my doctors words that I will be ‘good as new’ within a few weeks after surgery! BS, if this is good, I don’t even want to know what bad is?

I feel so bad for those younger than I, and those raising small children while dealing with this. I can only imagine what you are going through.

Thankfully, I have a very understanding husband who realizes there are days when I will be totally worthless and accomplish absolutely nothing, as I deal with this pain and upset it causes. Hang in there, maybe in another couple of months, things will start improving for you. If they do, you will treasure those ‘good days’ and I just keep hoping for the day when the good days outnumber the bad ones.”