I had my gall bladder removed 43 years ago. I have suffered pain in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen since that surgery. I also had additional surgery on my large bowel years later because of diverticulitis. So now I also got to experience continuing pain in my lower left quadrant of my abdomen. The pain in the area of my former gall bladder gets so severe that I feel I might pass out. It comes and goes. I have seen some aggravation of this pain when I turn or bend a certain way, but I also get this pain if I eat fatty foods. Beats me. I’ve been told I have adhesions which no surgeon wants to touch. I actually feel there’s a growth or lump in that area. I’ve had cat scans and MRI’s that show nothing unusual in that area. I’ve had barium x-rays too and nothing shows up. I feel comforted by others on this blog. But this is driving me crazy. I feel somewhat immobilized especially since the worst attacks were while I was shopping at Target. Help!