“I had 7 gallstones and one of them happened to clog some connection between the gallbladder and the pancreas, being also diagnosed with pancreatitis. I got the gallbladder removed with all the gallstones (even the lost one). My pancreas went back to its normal state the day after the surgery. This happened in Nov 08. Not long ago I experienced what I could distinguish as the same sort of pain when I woke up and for some reason I thought it was connected with holding going to the bathroom to pee, but after that the pain kept bothering for another hour. Today it’s happening again: Abdominal pain, right on the area that the gallbladder should be and stabbing the same way it did when the GB was there.
For some reason I am pretty sure that is connected with a bad diet, stress and sleeping disorder. Anyone having the same issues with a healthy diet, no major worries and sleeping 8 hours straight a day?
Smoking and drinking highly contributes to have bad side effects to the gallbladder removal surgery.”