“I Had my gall bladder and appendix removed a little less than a year ago. Since then, its been getting worse and worse. Diarrhea, cramps, inability to stay out of the bathroom! and I think the worst is if i havent eaten in a while and then go to eat a regular sized meal I get a gall bladder attack! There is No gall bladder to attack me, so how is this happening?? I’ve also noticed the yellow coloration and the constant need to go is getting more and more pronounced. Its to the point now that I do not want to go out to eat anywhere, I wont eat if I’m at someone elses house, and fast food is pretty much out of the question because of the fat content in it! The foods I now have a problem with, which never bothered me before…
Fast food/ greasy food
anything deep fried

All of these foods either cause a gall bladder attack now or cause emergency trips to the bathroom before the meal is even complete.
I’m Not losing weight and really, with as fast as i process things now I should be slimming down! What can I do to fix this? The point of my surgery was no more pain, well its worse now than before the surgery.”