Hey, I was reading some of these messages and have a few words of advice. I had my gallbladder removed when i was 15 due to gallstones and now am 24. After my surgery I had no problems except for occasional cramps after large greasy meals. Fast forward years later and it is a lot harder to keep control over. My problems started around my third year of college and got worse over time. Alcohol never seemed to affect me negatively after surgery (and I drank plenty being a college student away from home) but some may want to look at what they are eating before drinking and what you are drinking. You have to remember that everything you eat is not wholesome and being consumed by all the bile in your tummy so if you are eating a value meal or easily digestable things before you drink this is probably why you are getting so sick. Also, I tend to do better with brown liquiors instead of clear. As far as cramping and things like that I have found with diet and exercise it really does help. I use to be like everyone else and eat lunch never breakfast and then eat something quick and convenient for dinner this landed me in the bathroom most days multiple times a day. Since then I looked at my diet and started realizing that it wasn’t I could not eat fast food or chinese food or mexican food or spicy food or salads it was that I had to eat better at least some of the time. Now my diet consisits of eating 5 fruits and veggies a day all before dinner as breakfast and lunch basically I snack all day. I can make a smoothie for breakfast and knockout two fruits before lunch. I only do this monday thru friday and then on the weekend I eat what I want. For dinner I can eat what I want but just through eating raw fruits and veggies it keeps my bathroom trips and horrible cramping and bloating to a minimum. And of course everyone knows here that the worst pain comes after you do not eat for hours on end then decide to eat a huge greasy meal.