I had my galbladder removed when I was 27, 30 years ago. I have had issues over the years with some weight gain, under control now, and digestive problems. My galbladder was removed because it was enlarged and full of those cinder stones that never show up in an x-ray. I was full of infection and stayed in the hospital for 9 days on IV’s and a drainage tube, antibiotics. I still need to watch out for fatty foods causing severe problems with my bowels and it seems fresh fruits and vegetable skins are impossible to digest and cause constipation every time I eat them. Peanut butter is horrible on my system! I usually cook everything I eat and sometimes wonder if I am getting the right amount of nutrition because I can’t eat fresh foods enough. I take a small amount of supplements and hope I will keep my health as I am aging. I also wonder how this could effect my liver and other organs. I’ve just started a wonderful relationship with a fantastic man, I am a widow, and want to be with him as long as I can, and healthy!