“Because of bilateral hernia repairs, my PCP suggested we have the surgeon remove the painful gallbladder as well (2009). I had had intestinal shingles in late 2006 that really took me down as well. Underlying diverticulitis was also found and a severely redundant colon which caused severe difficulty having a BM…often for 3-5 days at a time.
I recovered very slowly with the hernias. However, also slowly the deep aching in my right upper medial abdomen under the ribs increased as if the gallbladder was still there or had grown back . From these websites I am glad to know I am not alone. The loss of weight and persistent diarrhea, especially right after a meal is the worst part. I changed to the Caveman diet…strict combinations of foods that eliminated the other severe pain…colon spasms following the GI shingles. However, the gallbladder-type aching persists and the inability to have normal BMs is not fun. My PCP is actually pleased somewhat because our greatest worry was an impaction.
So far, other than diet suggestions I don’t hear any surgeon or doctor coming in and showing us that the medical profession are concerned about this post-surgical gallbladder pain, weight loss and changed BMs. Are there long term negative side effects if weight loss and diarrhea are a chronic problem? Yes, I would suggest that there might be. Someone needs to get to the bottom of this situation. Has anyone heard of any research going on?”