I had the same problems after my gallbladder was removed last December. It started about 3-4 weeks after it was taken out. I would have to race to the bathroom every time I ate anything at all and my BM’s would be yellow diarrhea or just straight up water. It wouldn’t be one trip either, I would have to go 4 or 5 times in an hour or two. I would be afraid to eat anything in the mornings for fear of having to go while driving on the way to class. It got almost debilitating. There were times I had to pull over to stores and stay at the bathroom until my stomach calmed down. One time I had to stay at a Rite-Aid for an hour because of this, I bought Imodium just to be able to go home and I seriously considered buying Depends for the car ride. I never wanted to leave the house.I dealt with this for about 2 months and then I saw a GI Doctor and was diagnosed with bile salt diarrhea as an after effect of loosing the gallbladder. He said 5-10% of people get it after having the gallbladder removed and most peoples’ bodies adjust themselves after a year or two, although some don’t adjust. He gave me a cholesterol medicine, Cholesthyramine, in powder form to control my stomach, since it would bind up bile salts. I later switched to a pill form called Cholestipol. They work really well for me and I have only had one case of diarrhea in about 4 months. I do have to look out for constipation, but I consider that a lot better than the alternative.